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Evolution of Memes



Evolution of Memes
Memes have actually become a means of communication to a lot of us,and to be honest, I do communicate with a few of my friends in the form of memes and they do get every message am passing across without stress.

The best thing about memes is that it’s shareable and the fact that you can express what you feel in a humorous ways which can be a simple image that made people laugh or something powerful enough to offend people so much.


Richard Dawkins

Evolution of Memes
Meme was first used in  biology by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book titled “The selfish Gene”. Biology meaning of meme state that is  an idea or an element of a system of behaviour or culture that is passed from one person to another by imitation or any other non-generic means. Exactly like genes replicating and transmitting from one person to another.

Memes started spreading around rapidly in an image board called 4 Chan. Slowly Facebook come into existence giving way to better and funnier images and then YouTube came out 2005 changing the way these funny images functioned;(changing them to videos) and they spread like wild fire.
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So today a meme is known to be a funny image or a video clip that makes people laugh and they get the urge to share it and make it viral on internet. This are the list of memes below:

  • Internet Memes
  • Normie Memes
  • Dank Memes
  • Dark Memes.



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