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List of Tanzania best songs 2019



List of Tanzania best songs 2019

Tanzania finestWant to get in the mood for your trip to Tanzania? I’ve compiled a list of the best Tanzanian songs to do just that!

Well past the year’s midway point, we’ve had exciting new music coming out of Tanzania, incluing amazing ballads and irresistible dancefloor hits. The local music scene started off on a slow note with most heavyweights not releasing music until March.

Following our picks for this year’s Top 10 bongo flava songs….

1.Uswahilini by Shetta X and Mzee wa Bwax

‘Uswahilini’ is a perfect example of a successful cross-genre collaboration. Here is a rare partnership between of bongo flava’s beats and singeli’s turbo-fast interlocking loops. The result? Pure enjoyment!

2. Kanyaga’ by Diamond Platnumz

After featuring Congolese singer Rally Ipupa on ‘Inama’, which now sits on YouTube on more than 8.2 million views, Diamond Platnumz is undoubtedly the king of East African music. In ‘Kanyaga’, he gets a free pass, and the video would have been great were it not for a scene in which a muscular man physically assaults a woman in what is meant to be a dismissal of the ‘slay queen’ culture. The scene could be perceived as approval of violence against young women.

3. Kainama’ by Harmonize, Burna Boy and Diamond Platnumz

Diamond platnumz and Harmonize are two of the biggest male stars in the East African music scene right now. The two, who have worked on several hits together in the past, brought us ‘Kwangaru’ in 2018 and it turned out to be one of their best. The video is excellent too. So when they decided to work together with Burna boy, the result was always going to be a hit.

4. Tumepoteza’ by Darassa ft. Maua Sama
List of Tanzania best songs 2019

As the saying goes, ‘No money, no love. ‘Tumepoteza’ is a story of a man who got dumped because he was poor. He now has to nurse a broken heart as his lover drives off with her new Mr Money Mags.

5. ‘Pepeta’ by Rayvanny and Nora Fatehi

This song, which features Canadian singer, dancer, model and actress Nora Fatehi, does not just want make you want to dance – it demands it! ‘Pepeta’ will be played in the region’s dance clubs all year round and although it is not Rayvanny’s biggest hit, it’s popular for its dance instructions and brass stabs.

6. ‘Chibonge’ by Abbah ft. Marioo, G Nako and Byter Beast

Every girl needs this song on her playlist. It’s meant to make women proud of their bodies, regardless of how they look or how much they weigh. ‘Chibonge’ is relevant, especially with body shaming being such a topic in today’s world.

7. Wapoloo’ by Weusi

Weusi is a hip hop collective made up of Joh Makini, Bonta, G Nako, Lord Eyes and Nikki wa Pili. Although they are each solo artists, they seem to work even better as a group. They have set the bar high for large crews since releasing their first single in 2018.

8.’ Wife’ by Aslay

This song is about soaring love, so trust Aslay to get your romance needs signed, sealed and delivered. What’s more charming than a man singing about how safe he feels in his woman’s arms? Even more so when that man’s voice is Aslay’s.

9. ‘Wiper’ by Chege ft. Roma Mkatoliki

‘Wiper’ is Chege’s second release after a one-year hiatus. He collaborates with controversial rapper Roma in the single, which was released on 3 September 2019. His first release of the year was ‘Manjegeka’ featuring top Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee.

10.’Bugana’ Bill Nass ft. Nandy

This song by Nandy and rapper Bill Nass was released on 30 August and is doing pretty well on YouTube in terms of views.

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