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The good side and the bad side of ban of Okada and Keke NAPEP in Lagos state



The good side and the bad side of ban of Okada and Keke NAPEP in Lagos state
Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria, a coastal city known for it’s commerce and industrial activities, influx of goods and commodities at sea or Airports, creating a wide range of international trade. Commercial cities are prone to population growth, and mobility is essential in such areas, via land (Road,Rail), water (speed boat, ferries and canoes) or air (planes and helicopter).
The good side and the bad side of ban of Okada and Keke NAPEP in Lagos state

One of the major forms of transportation in our country today and Lagos in particular is via Road. Population density has led to high glidiocks and traffic jams virtually on a daily basis and such re – occurrences have a ripple effect on the general economy, and as humans we always crave or look for alternative means to objective, which led to the introduction of motorcycle (okada), an alternative means of transportation, affordable and swift though risky.

RECALL: The ban of the activities of “OKADA” and “KEKE NAPEP” on January 27, 2020 to be effective on February 1 2020, which involve this local government areas ” Apapa, Lagos mainland, Surulere, Eti-osa,Lagos island and ikeja”.

The Lagos state government has made the right decision at the wrong time

Banning of OKADA AND KEKE NAPEP is the the right thing to do normally but the government has made the right decision at the wrong time. The government should have put in place preventive measures to stop traffic such as regular training for personnel, one perssenger per one rider, an helmet for both. But if government wants to completely eradicate this; job should be provided for those who’s means of survival is through transportation. The government should not only provide job but the 65 buses provided for major routes by research is not enough in the morning where 90% of people go to work.

In my research, I found out even after the ban, there is still traffic / road block along some major road like isolo, jakande, ikotun etc.

In my own view :

1. The government could have regulate the number of motorcycle (okada) in each local government with safety measures such as compliance to traffic rules with registration of each riders.

2. Enough buses should be directed to work on the major road as even the launching of ferri boat won’t be enough for everyone.

3. Jobs should be made for those that didn’t pass the training test as regard to number 1.

The question necessary are?

Was the ban necessary? YES!  Was the ban effected appropriately? NO! Were there more reasonable alternatives to ban that wouldn’t make over a thousand men jobless? YES!.

“The Lagos State government know what they re doing but they just don’t know how to do it”.


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